Exclusive Lane

Exclusive Lane

Have you got 2 or 3 friends who fancy doing a Triathlon?

Why not rent an Exclusive Lane so you can all start in the same lane together at the same time?

Its the same price as normal entries and you can select either Novice Exclusive Team Lane or Sprint Exclusive Team Lane.

This option is available for Radley Triathlon in Oxford and May Day Triathlon in May!

You can all sign up and pay separately make sure you click on the Exclusive Team Lane option.

Create a Team:

1. Select Exclusive Team Lane and either Novice or Sprint distance. (Please note everybody needs to complete the same distance in the lane)

2. Sign up and pay your entry and create a team

3. Forward the sign up link to your friends and tell them your team name

4. A minimum of 3 people and maximum of 4 are required in order to have an exclusive lane. 

Please note we do have a number of incremental price increases throughout the year, the earlier you sign up the cheaper it is. The closing date is 2 weeks prior to the race.

Join a Team:

1. Select Exclusive Team Lane and either Novice or Sprint distance. (Please ask the Team Leader which distance they selected)

2. Select 'Join a Team'

3. Search through the Team Names and select your chosen Team name.

4. Sign up and pay your own entry fee.

5. Please note once a Lane has reached the maximum of 4 people the Team name will not appear as an option.

So what are you waiting for - grab your friends and get them to Try Tri with you in 2018!