First time guide

Are you thinking of taking part in your first triathlon? Unsure of what to do or what the sport involves?

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A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. Triathletes compete for fastest overall course completion time, including timed “transitions” between the individual swim, bike, and run components.

Transition areas are positioned both between the swim and bike segments (T1), and the bike and run segments (T2), and are often just one checkpoint, especially in shorter courses. These areas are used to store bicycles, performance apparel, and any other accessories essential for preparing and gearing up for the next stage of the race. In addition, these areas provide a social headquarters prior to the race, and are an integral part of triathlete culture.

The following information is designed to inform, for those who have already entered, and tempt those who have yet to be brave enough to sign up for their first Triathlon!

For those who have never done a Triathlon before have no fear, you are not alone!

A few pointers...


  • As a warm up and also to help the competitors ensure they know the route, please feel free to walk round the route and familiarise yourself with start point (the pool/lake), transition areas, route itself and the all important finish. 
  • Have a stretch and a mini warm up, check all your equipment, goggles, bike, helmet, race number all fit and attached where they should be.

Swim Swim


  • If it is a pool swim we advise wearing swimming trunks/costume/shorts to swim as if you were going for a normal swim.
  • You will be given a specific colour hat on poolside, so do not bring your own. Goggles are advisable but not mandatory. This will be a wave start which means that the first 20 competitors will be put in a lane, with 3 others and each of those in the lane will be assigned a different colour swim hat
  • You will then be set off by the colour of your hat in 5 second intervals. You need to tell your lap counter your race number so make sure you have it memorised!

Cycle Cycle

  • For the cycle you want to be as quick as possible, so you can cycle the route in your swimming costumes/trunks/shorts with just a race belt and t-shirt, though dependant on the weather it might be advisable to put on shorts as well.
  • Bike helmets are mandatory and you will not be allowed to race unless you have a bike helmet with straps fitted correctly to ensure it does not fall off during the race.



  • You will need to ensure your bike is racked in the racking outside the pool, and you remember where you put it!
  • Race numbers should be attached to a t-shirt or race belt with 4 safety pins before the race.

So with your bike in the transition area set up before the race you need to have:

  • Bike helmet
  • Race number attached with 4 safety pins to a t-shirt or 2 safety pins on a race belt.
  • T-shirt/shorts or comfortable clothing to cycle and run in.
  • Shoes (and socks if you wish)
  • Possibly a towel if you want to dry your feet, and body quickly before setting off on the cycle.

Run Run

  • Once you have finished your cycle, please ensure you dismount before the dismount line and run your bike back into transition. 
  • Once you have run your bike into transition and racked it, get your helmet off as quickly as possible and head off for your run.


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  • On completion of the race grab yourself a quick drink of water, and then head back to transition to pick up your bike and other belongings.
  • This needs to be done as soon as possible after you have finished. Please note other competitors may still be racing so the marshals will only allow you in if the area if safe and free of racing competitors.
  • You will also need your race number to be able to re-enter the transition area and take your bike. Marshals will be sticking closely to these rules on the day for the security of your belongings and they will be refusing entry to anyone without a race number.
  • Once you have packed your bike and race equipment away in the car or in a safe place, feel free to watch the other races, pick up some food to energise yourself and help recovery.


The results we are on the website within 24 hours in the Results section. 

A great read and friend of Try Tri - Andy Holgate's Can't Swim, Can't Bike, Can't Run is a great introduction to those who believe Triathlon is out of their reach!

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