Race Day Tips

Provided by Dave Savage from Savage Tri Club

  • Start sipping the first bottle of electrolyte fluid as soon as you get up.
  • A banana, toast, egg breakfast is a cracking way to go on event day. (Potassium, carbohydrate and protein.)

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  • Give yourself plenty of time to get there but not too much so you're hanging around at the race venue. This will only burn nervous energy.
  • Packed a spare inner tube and pump?
  • Don’t be shy about asking race marshal's anything you don’t know or understand. That’s what they're there for.
  • Get registration / numbering up done asap.
  • Check tyre pressures.(100 – 130psi but check on the tyre wall for recommended parameters.)
  • Remove yourself from anyone or anything that stresses you!
  • Rack your bike asap to get it out of the way. (Don’t forget to leave it in the gear you wish to start riding in!)
  • Take time to lay out your transition area.
  • Lay a towel down next to bike. This marks your area and is a good way of removing any grit etc that may be on soles of your feet after swim exit.
  • Take 5 mins to yourself to relax, prepare the mind and collect your thoughts.
  • Use run as a warm up and if possible, a swim. Don’t forget to take your run shoes back to transition!

So, for the race……

  • So important to race YOUR OWN RACE and do your best to ignore those around you.
  • Don’t go off too fast and stick to your plan. Adrenaline will be pumping and will play havoc with your strategy!
  • Use the water stops wisely. I.E don’t consume vast quantities and sip the water.
  • If you feel good, go with it.
  • Use first section of swim as an extension of your warm up if needs be.
  • If you feel onset of cramp, stop, self massage and gradually build back into your race.
  • Hold your best technique as long as possible. This is the most efficient way to run.
  • Most importantly…..


Good luck and see you there!

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