Training Tips

Provided by Dave Savage from Savage Tri Club

1      Consistency

  • Little and often is much more beneficial than a big distances in one hit.
  • Stick with food, drink and kit you know works for you.
  • Stick with regular sleep patterns where possible.


  • Use rest days wisely as they are just as important as training days.
  • Listen to your body as it will dictate how frequently you should train.
  • Don’t forget other areas of our lives need addressing too!!

3      Duration

  • Gradually increase the mileage over weeks/months.

4      Training

  • Aim to either cover the race distances in training or at least 75% of them if possible.
  • Mix up your training (Hills, Track, Fartlek efforts, Distance, strength Drills, bike time trials, pack riding to name a few)
  • Aim to run 5-15 mins after every bike ride. Great way to practise running ‘off the bike’.
  • Warm up gently to increase blood flow for 5 mins before stretching. (Ie don’t stretch cold muscles.)
  • Start slowly and build into your training sessions.
  • Try to involve loved ones
  • Incorporate ‘brick training’ into your program. Ie back to back training across 2 or 3 disciplines. Especially bike / run / bike / run.
  • Work on your weakest discipline.
  • Experiment with different manufacturers of hydration and nutrition in training, not during a race.
  • A cheeky nap here and there perhaps!!?
  • Carbohydrate

5      Injury prevention

  • Highly recommend regular massages.
  • Stretch, stretch and more stretch!! Keep muscles ‘long’ and supple.
  • Good quality sleep and food.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you. Niggles rarely get better with exercise.

6      Taper

  • Leave yourself fresh like a ‘coiled spring’ ready to be unleashed on race day.
  • Approx a week before event, reduce intensity and distances.
  • Massage good idea a couple of days before race.
  • Eat well, sleep well and relax.
  • Stay well hydrated.

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